Friday, May 4, 2012

Indian Head Massage Health Benefits - Relaxing the Body

Indian head massage, which is more formally known as Champissage, is a form of alternative medicine massage that has been used for thousands of years.

With Indian head massage techniques, the goal is to clear the body’s energy channels so they cannot cause a blockage that leads to a build up of negative energy.

Staying Healthy with Indian Head Massage

With the help of Indian head massage, it is possible to release the blocks that are making it impossible for the body’s energy to move freely.

By releasing these blocks, the body is less likely to have a build up of negative energy that can lead to a number of different ailments. Some of the ailments that can be prevented with the help of Indian head massage include:


The technique has been so effective that it is used all over Europe and has been used in the United States since it was first introduced to the West in the 1970s by Narendra Mehta.

How is Indiana Head Massage Performed?

In order to perform Indian head massage, it is a good idea to first complete Indian head massage classes to learn more about the proper techniques and how to implement them. Namely, the technique involves massaging the head, neck and face area in order to properly manipulate the body’s energy channels.

Before performing an Indian head massage, it is important to first find a quite place that is far from distractions.

Then, the person receiving the massage should sit in a comfortable position with the person providing the massage standing behind.

The massager should then place his or her hands lightly on the other person’s shoulders and, after both people take a few deep breaths, the massager can start to squeeze area around the shoulder muscles gently.

The massager should start at the area near to the neck and then move out toward the shoulders.

After rubbing the shoulder area for awhile, the massager should then bring his or her hands up toward the neck and use his or her thumbs to make small circles in the area below the collar line that is on either side of the backbone.

The process then moves through the hair and forehead of the person receiving the massage, but it is best to take Indiana head massage classes in order to learn how to perform the techniques properly and achieve the best results possible.

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