Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vagina Care

Dr. Jacqueline M. Walters who is one of Top OB/GYN physicians in Atlanta. I heard and read lots about her.

Vaginal Flower which has been created for women by her.

This is where you can find her website - Power of the Vaginal Flower

From these URLs, you can read her updates from her -

Along with vaginal dryness, vaginal itch, and vaginal discharge, vaginal odor is one the leading reasons women consult gynecologists. Even in healthy women, normal vaginal secretions can have a slightly "cheesy" or "antiseptic" smell. Contact of the vagina with semen can result in the release of a "fishy" odor. The greatest amount of vaginal discharge occurs at the midpoint of a woman's menstrual cycle, so this odor will naturally be stronger around the time of ovulation, when fertility is greatest.

Tight clothes like jeans, underwear (especially G-strings) can causes a woman to perspire which creates a warm moist environment for Candida to grow and thrive. After all, Candida love moist and wet environments. So, be careful when you wear these items as you may be inviting your candida to have a party leading to an infection.

Pregnancy substantially alters a woman's hormones and this causes Candida to multiply too. This is why pregnant women are more susceptible to vaginal yeast infections than non pregnant women. So, if you're pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant, it is super important to get your candida under control now with baby-safe medications or holistic remedies and a proper diet (not loaded with sugar or yeast).

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