Friday, February 8, 2013

About Blooming Tea For My Blooming Health

There are plenty of ways to get healthy. Exercise, healthy diet and-yes--a daily cup of warm, fleshly-brewed blooming tea.

Blooming tea, otherwise known as Blossom or Flower tea is an herb-enriched tea that originated in China. It is a small, pretty bundle of dried tea leaves and flowers bounded together with a cotton thread to make an exquisite mix of rich tea flowers such as chrysanthemum, jasmine and lily. Blooming teas have usually mild components compared to other stronger and bitterer tea types.

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Like its other tea counterparts, blooming tea would not settle for last in the healthiest tea list. It has amazing health benefits such as a great source of antioxidants that makes it ideal to fight age-related health disorders. Some flowering tea like the jasmine flower is also known to aid in weight loss making it a perfect drink for those trying to cut down some weight.

Aside from the usual brew, you can upgrade your blooming tea experience by preparing it hot or cold. Moreover, you can turn an ordinary dish into a special recipe by sprinkling it with some bits of hot flowers tea. They make a superb and delicious way to entertain friends on special occasions.

I started enjoying blooming tea about two months ago and I love them.

It helps with fat burning (which everyone needs), soothes my nerves, and has antioxidants which promote good health. I do not mind using anything which will help me feel better, look better and live longer! I think most of us would agree.

The delightful flavors that come on each flower bring the tea experience to a whole new level most especially when you are sharing it with your close friends and family. Enjoy!

Honestly, making blooming tea is a straightforward thing. Just keep the above hints in mind and the results should be great. After the first attempt at this type of tea, you will no doubt be ready to try many different types of flowers or loose green tea for yourself.

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