Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Natural Healthy Skin Care with Juices

Before I start my discussion in detail, let me first introduce with - Gemstone Organic Products

Yes, Their products are handcrafted with unique formulas to heal your skin and leave you glowing, naturally.

Using only Earth's finest organic ingredients,  they handcraft "juice For your skin" - products to heal, soothe, and moisturize. Their Gemstone Essences add a holistic approach, helping nourish your skin and your whole being, from within!

Not only are the ingredients 100% USDA Certified Organic they are food-grade edible, therapuetic and a healthy alternative to products laden with preservatives and synthetics.

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Beautiful skin is the proof of a healthy body and mind. It is very important for us to maintain clean and flawless skin since it's a reflection of the inner health of the body.

If you've heard about the juice fast then you know that apart from detoxification and weight loss, one of its proven long-term benefits is achieving healthy and radiant skin. This is because when you're on a juice diet, you are feeding your body with nothing but good stuff from fresh fruits and vegetables. You will gain essential vitamins and minerals faster compared to eating them traditionally because they are in their liquid state.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. When you feed it right, it will look great and feel great. Many people linked acne to eating greasy foods. That link was debated and many people determined that it was a myth. However, if your body is not getting enough nourishment, it will start to feel dry. The cells will flake not be as large and you may have some fine lines and wrinkles appear.

Your skin tone can reflect what is going on inside your body. Sometimes your skin will have eczema or present with an unknown rash. This is your body's mechanism of getting rid of toxins. The build up of preservatives or pesticides in your system may result in an allergic type of rash.

Juicing is ideal for improving the health of your skin. There is a high water content in juice. Vegetable and fruit juices get absorbed into your body rather quickly. Your body can start using the nutrients immediately. The cells in your skin start to receive the nutrition that they need to function optimally.

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