Thursday, September 8, 2016

Four Health Benefits Of Using A Pillow

Pillow fights are the only wars I know where when it ends adversaries still remain friends. They in fact make love to seal a permanent truce. The pillow might be a cheap merry making tool but its role on our daily living is priceless. And on days when the inevitable little disagreements crop up the pillow talk softens the air until an amicable settlement is reached and everyone gets a good night sleep. 

These cool attributes do not only relate to the neck pillow found on your bed but also to the back support pillows, that help to heal or prevent back aches, and the pregnancy pillow, for safe positioning of the child in the womb while the mother is a sleep. The health benefits of using a pillow cannot be overstated. We have analyzed a number of those health benefits below. 

•    The pillow prevents sleep disorder -

This is probably the number one health benefit of the pillow. This is especially the case with the neck pillow that you use on your bed. The pillow guarantees a good night sleep with little or no interruptions. Whether you sleep on the sides, or while facing up or down the people will perfect your sleeping posture. The great thing here is that pillows will never tire of the number of hours you spend on the bed. 

Sleep is an essential ingredient to the general well being of people and the pillow would never interrupt what keeps you healthy. Individuals who lack sleep or those who undergo interrupted sleep suffer from a condition called insomnia. The neck pillow becomes your perfect safeguard against insomnia for it ensures a good night’s sleep. Remember that nothing is as sweet as sleep and the negative effect of not having it can actually be deadly.

•    The pillow reduces or prevents back aches -

Another health benefit of the pillow is that it prevents or heals back aches. Pillows that are custom made for this role are called back support pillows. Back aches can be discomforting and make it difficult to sit or sleep. A pillow will ensure that the ache is minimized or even eradicated altogether. 

Back aches can result due to poor sitting postures and some ladies actually experience back aches when ovulating. The pillow is a great friend here and substitutes the pill or an injection by playing its comforting role to perfection.

•    The pillow creates comfort for an expecting mother and the fetus -

Although rarely stated the pillow can be a health benefit to pregnant women. Pregnant mothers know just how hard the fetus can at times decide to kick. To safeguard both the mother and fetus during sleep mothers can opt to use the pregnancy pillow. This is a pillow custom made to the size of the woman’s stomach. 

It is crucial in moments when she decides to sleep on her sides and ensures that the stomach is not pressed to the bead. It offers a better sleeping position for the child as the mother also sleeps. 

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The fetus also needs to rest and the pillow comes in handy to ensure that the creature in the womb too has its wishes granted.

•    The pillow increases bonding and reduces stress -

This health benefit of the pillow should not be taken lightly. Couples who are close will naturally prefer a single pillow. This in turn brings them closer and increases bonding. Science does not underestimate the role of a bodily touch for it increases awareness and closeness. Increased bonding implies less or no stress. 

And there is no better life to live than a stress free life. Let’s put our hands up for the pillow for undertaking the noble role of ensuring that bonding and chemistry is always at work for those who desire it. On the other hand couples who are not on good terms will one another always occupy the extreme ends of the bed facing east and west with their own pillows. Those are the ones who underestimate the magical and health effect of the pillow talk and pillow fights.

The health benefits of using a pillow are numerous.  Show me a bed without a pillow and I will show you a strained and aching neck, an insomnia patient or even a breaking marriage.  The pillow is one of the few health tools that surprisingly still sell at a lower price. And the good thing is that you can even make one at home. 

But you have to make sure it is comfortable and can guarantee a good night sleep or fit whatever role it is aimed at. It should now be clear to you that a pillow a night will certainly keep the doctor away. Go ahead and get healthier; purchase a pillow.

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