Monday, April 16, 2012

Best Online Teeth Whitening Pen Products 2012

A Teeth Whitening Pen can be just be used for a minute daily and will be operative enough to provide the desired effect.

Out of all the whitening kits present in the market, teeth whitening pen are the best of the lot, also dubbed as the travelers kit, it can be used anytime , anywhere and render the best results.

It is being sold like hot cakes in pharmacy, supermarkets or online and the cost typically varies from a $20 to $80 which depends on the brand you are picking and the efficacy it has.

Well, not many are aware of the fact that how does a teeth whitening pen work in reality. There is a belief that it is just like toothpaste but this is not true actually. It basically constitutes a whitening agent, or a gel in it.

The gel is the most integral part of such a pen and is applied on to the teeth by squeezing the pen as an applicator.

Its composition is of 12 to 35 percent of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, which being the major whitening agent attacks the stains on the teeth and removes them, thus giving your teeth a whiter tone or shade.

Upon application, the gel gets absorbed into the inner dentin and begins its work. One should be cautious in the frequency of its usage and should avoid using it more than the recommended times, as the peroxides contained in it might damage your teeth on prolonged usage.

For best results, it is advisable to use the teeth whitening pen after brushing your teeth. But in lack of time it can be directly applied as well.

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