Monday, April 2, 2012

Healthy Life Coach 2012

A Healthy Life Coach can help you with all of these feelings, issues and more. If you want to jump start your career and life again working with a career coach is the first place to start.

Some of the skills required to be an effective life coach includes: being an effective listener, knowledge of human behavior, and creative problem solving skills. There are not accredited programs to become a life coach.

To start you may consider an inexpensive introductory course offered online or through a self-accredited school. This may be enough for you to get started in this exciting career.

As clients don’t always accomplish what they agree to you need to have patience and the ability to deal with frustration. Also, getting your client to give up behavioral patterns that are destructive can be challenging. You need to be able and creatively motivate your clients to overcome their objections and the obstacles they may throw in their path to success.

A genuine feeling of caring for people is critical to be an effective life coach. You also need to be aware that you will have to deal with and be able to accept failures as you will not be able to help everyone. You need to have a love of learning as you will need to stay on top of current advances and trends.

The areas that you should study include: cognitive science and psychology, human behavior, goal setting, motivation, psychology, habits of successful people, business principles, relationships, sleep patterns, career development, principles of success, sales, leadership, alcohol, drugs and much more. There is an almost endless selection of subject to choose from you may consider focusing on a niche that is in your area of passion.

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