Friday, April 27, 2012

Buy Smart Nursing Scrubs 2012 - Top Reasons for you

The nursing scrubs and medical uniforms are often held in high esteem owing to the respect towards the profession.

These were always white uniforms in old ages but now trendy designs and colors have started improving these uniforms. The differences are in the pretty colors, dress patterns and designs, the quality and types of materials, the other accessories like nursing shoes, and even the matching bags and caps.

The nursing scrubs especially are now having a new look with the smart nurses in V-neck tops, or embroidered tops, the plain white replaced by light pinks, yellows, and blues, and sometimes even small printed patterns. The nursing shoes can also match the prints or embroidery designs on the top.

The pants can be elastic or formal pants. All these new uniforms are designed in such a way that the nurse looks smart and approachable to the patients. Not too bright or dark colors are used for the uniforms.

Other medical uniforms can be surgeons’ dresses, lab coats, and other staff dresses. These are also getting changes. But the purpose and dignity of the dress is maintained always.

Quality materials are used in these dresses and the stitching will be perfect. Water resistant as well as fire resistant uniforms also are being available now. Most of these dresses will be kept sterilized like the surgeons’ uniforms and the lab coats. These are used in the operation theatres and biological labs.

The medical uniforms now come in tops with full sleeves, half sleeves, and even as ¼ sleeved dresses.

Most of the dresses will be made of breathable materials like that of the nurse. A nurse will have to be active at times of the service and so comfortable dresses are required for the purpose.

Stain resistant uniforms ensure that no stains from blood or other fluids are formed on the dresses, giving the nurses a neat appearance always. The cleaning of these dresses also is easy and may need some extra care for good maintenance.

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