Sunday, July 10, 2016

Acai Berry Diet - Is It Expensive?

Ever since it has been discovered that the acai berries is one of the most effective weight loss item, the demand for it is increasing. The acai berries are most found in Brazil only, especially in the rainforest of the Amazon. As the production is only in this South American country, the acai berry diet can get pretty costly at times.

You will know how expensive the berries can be when you buy from super markets. These berries are plucked hand. The manual labor involved increase the end cost of the product many times until it reaches the customer. Another reason for the high cost of the acai berries is the growing demand. It has been proved that the acai berries are essentially a weight loss product. No wonder, they are valued a lot. A little intake of the berries in your everyday diet should not take a big toll on your pockets.

There is not a fixed price tag for the acai beverages. The price is likely to vary depending upon the store you are ordering it from and the brand name. However, it is the acai berry diet that can get more expensive than anything else. The reason is that it comes with 100% actual acai berries which come in pills. These pills are in reality the powder of the berries and that is why they are so expensive.

In spite of the high cost, some manufacturers are ready to offer free trials. As the acai berries are still in their infancy, not many people are aware of them. That is why they hesitate to part with their hard-earned money due to the high costs.

So, some manufacturers send free samples as health supplement. The customer needs to spend on the shipping and handling charges only. However, the sample of the acai berry diet supplement hardly contains even 5% of the acai essence. But the effects of acai berries are longer. So the manufacturers eventually catch their bets.

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