Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How To Prevent Permanent Skin Damage Due To Laser Hair Removal Treatment

To remove unwanted body hair, the best solution is laser hair removal treatment. However, some people may be afraid of using this treatment option due to the horror stories they may have read or heard. If you take care prior to and after the treatment, you can prevent damage skin damage after a laser session.

Make sure that you visit an experienced dermatologist. This will ensure that you get the best results without any damage to the skin. A dermatologist will check your hair and skin and then decide which is the best equipment to use. Usually, dark hair has the best results, while blonde hair the worst. However, people with dark skin have the risk of getting burned from the laser, as the skin absorbs the heat. However, an experienced dermatologist will be able to use equipment to minimize permanent damage to the skin.

Furthermore, it is important that the person stay out of the sun until the treated skin heals itself. Otherwise, the treated area may become lighter or darker than the surrounding skin. This is because laser makes the treated skin photosensitive.

Make sure that the hair removal treatment sessions are no longer than 20 minutes. If the sessions last longer, the technician can get fatigued and the chances of mistakes occurring are high. This will prevent any skin damage and ensure that you leave the facility or clinic with the results that you anticipated.

After you finish a laser hair removal treatment session, visit a qualified medical spa to get your skin rejuvenated. However, make sure that you first speak to the dermatologist about it. The dermatologist will tell you when you can go. On reaching the spa, get your skin rejuvenated. This will also help if you end up with discoloration of the skin. While the medical spa treatment will take time to fade the discoloration, the end result will be pleasing.

If laser hair removal is performed by an inexperienced technician or using the wrong equipment, the chances of permanent skin damage are high. Hence, do your research carefully and select a specialist, who has a good success rate and experience to remove the unwanted body hair. This will help to eliminate the chances of sustaining permanent skin damage after a laser session.

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