Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Get To Know The Real Facts With The Unraveling Of The Acai Berry Scam

If you have heard all about the amazing benefits of Acai berry and are flooded with offers, it is time to set things straight. Many an Acai berry scam has burnt holes in the pockets of people. Here is an account of the popular scams.

Various Acai berry products and formulae are flooding the market these days. Ever since celebrities started endorsing Acai berry and its health benefits, manufacturers have been scrambling to make their money by selling such products. However, if you want the genuine products and do not wish to lose money then read about the common Acai berry scam doing the rounds here.

There is one very common scam regarding Acai berry products, which is the pyramid scheme. If you are planning to become an affiliate marketer then this program will entice you to pay huge amounts of upfront money to be a part of this program. Just like other referral programs, this one works on the same principle of recruiting more people to sell or refer the Acai product.

Operating on a similar line as any regular MLM scheme, it is obvious that the people making maximum profits are the ones at the highest levels of the pyramid. Always make sure to read through the offer document carefully before you signup for such programs. While not all programs are frauds, it is important you watch out for the ones that make fake promises.

Just as the popular adage goes ‘there is no free lunch’, this concept applies to Acai berry products too. Such free offers require you to only pay for the handling and shipping and the product is provided for ‘free’. However, these programs are not offering you these pills free. Instead, these are camouflaged trial programs, which will send you more shipments of pills after the trial period ends.

Thereafter, you will be billed for all these shipments, which can prove very costly. Many people do not realize they are being billed months after the trial period has ended. They come to their senses when it is too late and they have already lost thousands of dollars. Always ensure to read the terms and conditions carefully before you register for any such ‘free’ offer. This will prevent you being entangled in any Acai berry scam.

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