Friday, July 8, 2016

Taking a Look at How Does Acupuncture Works

If you are looking for an alternative health method that can help you alleviate illness and pain while also maintaining your health, you might want to learn more about acupuncture and how it works. When it comes to learning how does acupuncture works, you must first understand more about the human body and about the special acupuncture body points that are used to help bring about the desired results.

Understanding Acupuncture Body Points

Although there are numerous acupuncture body points that may be utilized in order to help alleviate pain or maintain health, most are found along the twelve main meridians. These meridians are actually pathways that flow through what is referred to as the Qi, which is the body’s energy flow. Although there are more points that do not fall along the twelve main meridians, these are the ones that are the most commonly used. This is largely because the twelve main meridians address the major body organs. These include:

• Bladder 
• Gall Bladder
• Heart
• Kidney
• Large Intestine
• Liver
• Lungs
• Pericardium
• San Jiao (a conceptual organ that many believe refers to the lymphatic system)
• Small Intestine
• Spleen
• Stomach

To understand how does acupuncture works, it is important to know more about how the energy flows through the body and how these 12 areas and the other acupuncture body points are interconnected.

The Path of the Twelve Main Meridians

The pathways of the twelve main meridians run in every direction, including vertically, bilaterally and symmetrically. Each of these channels connects internally and externally with one of the organs. The external pathways are the ones most commonly shown on charts of acupuncture body points, but the external pathways are actually a bit superficial. The internal pathways, on the other hand, are where the acupuncture body points can be properly stimulated in order to create the desired effect.

Choosing the Right Acupuncture Body Points

In order to get the benefits of acupuncture, a professional that has been trained on how does acupuncture works must first examine the patient and determine which acupuncture body points should be stimulated. This involves performing a thorough inspection, which includes looking at the fact and the tongue as well as to discuss symptoms with the patient. Symptoms the acupuncturist will be particularly interested in include experiencing chills and fever, appetite changes, perspiration, changes in urination or bowel movements, pain, and changes in sleep patterns. By taking all of these factors into consideration, the therapist can select the best acupuncture body points to use for the treatment plan.

Stimulating acupuncture body points can bring relief from illness and help prevent health problems when carefully selected and used.

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