Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How Golf Clubs Are Your Key to Health and Fitness

Although golf is a wonderful sport, deeply steeped in tradition and history, it is also a fabulous way to stay healthy and fit. You may have never stopped to think about the benefit to your health each time you grab your golf clubs and hit the links, but you are doing your mind and your heart a great service by stepping out on the fairway and feeling the fresh breeze in your face.

It is recommended that healthy adults engage in at least twenty minutes of sustained cardiovascular exercise each day. The choice to simply leave the cart at the club house can give you nearly six times the recommended daily exercise and all while you are playing a sport that you love.

Aside from the physical benefit, it has been suggested by many doctors that engaging in physical activities while outdoors provides an even greater health benefit than if those same activities were performed indoors. The combination of fresh air, sunshine, and moderate physical exertion is one that can potentially change your life.

The benefit of spending time outdoors, doing something that you enjoy with people that you care about has also been proven to be highly beneficial spiritually and emotionally. Did you ever imagine that simply grabbing your golf clubs and taking an afternoon off could serve as a mental and spiritual recharging practice?

If you are already an avid golfer, you now have even more reason to regularly hit the links. If you are considering taking up golf, or are looking for ways to start your life on a healthier track, you may have found your niche.

Because of golf’s rising popularity, many local courses offer extremely reasonable rates and even supply rental clubs. Take a day with some friends and go give golf a try. You may find yourself a new hobby, and you will certainly find yourself enjoying better health.

Remember, that best kind of exercise is the kind you don’t know you are doing! All you need are some golf clubs; the healthier you is just down the next fairway.

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